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My debut novel has a release date. Yay! September 27th

Although I'm super excited to release my novel; I'm also incredibly scared. It's terrifying to put your thoughts and story available for everyone. But I've procrastinated long enough.

So here goes everything.

Flawed is a contemporary romance that follows the story of Melissa Alford, a young woman trying to escape her troubled past. But eventually, her past catches up to her in the form of a man, Andrew Malcolm, who she had one encounter with six years prior. The re-encounter alters the safe structure she's built around herself.

Eventually, Melissa finds herself captivated by Andrew and the two embark on a quest to find love however there are obstacles that they both have to overcome. With the end of a very turbulent season, everything and everyone is at peace and Melissa and Andrew finally get their happily ever after.

Currently, I'm the stage of building my ARC team. If this is a project that interests you and you want to be part of my journey, fill in the FORM. If you want to read a sample before, that is also okay, just let me know.

ARCs will be going out on the first of August. Come join the fun and meet Andrew and Melissa.

Here is the blurb:

I’m flawed but not damaged.

Melissa turned her life around six years ago, moving to a new country and putting the shame of her past behind her. Forgetting the worst moment of her life is harder than she thought, especially when Andrew Malcolm re-enters her life, surfacing from the ashes of her past.

The structure that Melissa built for herself is threatened by Andrew, who isn’t willing to let her walk away. He would hunt her to the end of the world to have the girl who wanted to be the best he never had.

But what happens when the walls start crumbling around Melissa and she is forced to face the past she wanted so hard to forget? Will Andrew be able to pick her back up and show her that he cares, or will Melissa lose the chance to have true love?

If you have any questions let me know!

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