• Lym Cruz

Who the hell is Lym Cruz???

Updated: Jul 27, 2019

Lym Cruz is the pen name for Lissa Yanessa Medina dos Santos da Cruz Lima. See why I need a pen name? No one deserves all those names.

I am a woman! *insert eye roll*. I know that was pretty obvious but I think it's worth mentioning. As I type this, I am 29 years old. Dear Lord, where has my youth gone? I still don't understand how I'm this old when it feels like I was 19 last week. Maybe not last week but you know what I mean.

Moving on, I am married. I settled down pretty early in life, at 22. You know what they say: "Marry your best friend ..." So, I did that. I am also a mother to the two most beautiful girls in the world. Don't judge me, every mother thinks their kids are special and I'm no different.

Professionally, I'm an accountant and I work for an NGO. Accountancy is not as boring as most people presume. It is an insightful career with skills that you acquire and apply to various areas of your life outside of the office. Knowing how to manage and keep track of your money is a pretty handy skill. And, no, I don't wear thick, squared rimmed glasses. I don't use glasses at all. I enjoy my work and don't see myself quitting anytime soon.

In general, people say that I'm an introvert but with the right people I'll be all extrovert. I like to believe that I'm kindhearted and fun to be around. My hobbies are, unmistakably, reading and writing. I also enjoy sleep very, very much and food.

There you have it! This is the bare minimum about myself but as time goes by more shall be uncovered.

Oh, I don't like pictures because I'm a little self-conscious about my eyes. They are HUGE. That's how I see them. My husband says I exaggerate and I probably do, however that's me a complete picture-phobic!

Thanks for reading and getting to know me a little more. I'll be sharing my writing process and whatever else comes to mind.

If you find typos, grammar issues with my post don't let it be a reflection on my work, I have an editor! If you want a sample of my writing check out Twenty - eight.

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